Any known Arma 3 Life dupes ?

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      Yeah do it like Dexteer or withdraw something at 1 ... 2 ... 3 from your gang or take sth out of the vehicle at 3 ... 2 ... 1... or use netlimiter or ESC + open shop and sell all items, then close shop and abort from server, there so many ways, most of them have something to do with do a thing at the exact same time so the server is not able to check who actually did it -> Server performs the thing for both players ;)
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      Dexteer wrote:

      Lennart wrote:

      Is there anybody who knows arma 3 life dupes and is willing to share ?
      Thinking about a specefic server?
      If not you get a truck and put something valuable into it. Like drugs/gold bars.
      Then you LEFT SHIFT + NUMPAD - and write endmission.
      When you log back in you will have the items in your inventory and in the truck
      Can you explain that more detailed? I can not press LEFT SHIFT + NUMPAD :/

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      Either you try one of the posted dupes in this thread or you use speedclicker to sell a vehicle multiple times or you could rob a friend of you and while he is robbed he presses ALT F4 , so he keeps the money and you also get this money - Win Win... But do you want to know dupes concerning the Virtual Items or the Armament?